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As a full-service tree care company, Two Guys Trimming offers an extensive range of services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. These services include:

Tree Trimming: Regular tree trimming is essential for maintaining the health and appearance of trees. We employ skilled arborists who carefully assess each tree's structure and growth pattern to determine the best trimming approach. This not only enhances the tree's aesthetic appeal but also promotes its health by removing dead or diseased branches.

Tree and Stump Removal: When a tree becomes hazardous or no longer fits into a property's landscape, we can safely remove it. We utilize the latest equipment and techniques to ensure minimal damage to the surrounding area. Additionally, we provide stump grinding services, which prevent the growth of unwanted shoots and create a clean, hazard-free space.

Storm Damage Cleanup: In the wake of storms, trees can suffer significant damage, posing risks to people and property. We offer prompt storm damage cleanup services, including the removal of fallen trees, broken branches, and other debris, to help clients restore their properties to a safe and usable condition.

Lot Clearing: Whether you are preparing land for construction or simply want to create more usable space, we offer efficient lot clearing services. We can remove trees, stumps, bushes, and other vegetation, leaving the area clean and ready for development.

Emergency Services: Tree-related emergencies can occur unexpectedly, and when they do, it is crucial to have a reliable service provider on hand. We have 24/7 emergency services to address urgent tree care needs and minimize potential risks.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction and safety, Two Guys Trimming has become a trusted name in tree services throughout Jefferson County, Wisconsin since 1992. For more information or to schedule a service, contact us, and let our team of experts handle all your tree care needs.

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